Russian Studies in Literature – Strugatskiis special issue

I’d like to publicize this special issue of Russian Studies in Literature, for those of you with an institutional or personal subscription. Table of contents below:

Volume 47 Number 4 / Fall 2011

This issue contains:
The Strugatsky Brothers and Russian Science Fiction: Editor’s
p. 3
John Givens

The Lessons of the Strugatskys
p. 7
Viacheslav Ivanov

The Meaning of (Private) Life, or Why Do We Read the Strugatskys?
p. 31
Irina Kaspe

A Selective Similarity: Dostoevsky in the Worlds of the Strugatsky
p. 67
Mark Amusin

Russian Science Fiction: A Crisis of Concepts
p. 84
Sergei Sirotin

Clearly a must-read for Strugatskiis fans!